Provisional Patents

A Provisional Patent is similar to a standard utility patent and is filed with the USPTO in the same manner. If granted, a Provisional Patent protects your IP for one year.



Benefits of Provisional Patents

A provisional patent is relativity simple to file and still preserves your application in confidence without publishing it. This period of time is usually used by the inventor to safely market the idea and decide whether or not to move forward. Having a provisional patent will give you one year to assess the invention’s potential before committing further funds and energy to your idea. It also gives the opportunity to begin commercial promotion using the "Patent Pending" notice in connection with your invention. However, if you do not proceed with the process of obtaining a full patent, your provisional will be abandoned after 12 months.

Provisional Patent Requirements

APA will help complete a written description of your invention, as well as the manner and process of making and using it. The provisional patent also requires accompanying drawings. A provisional application must additionally include the filing fee and the USPTO provided cover sheet. Provisional patents usually cost between $200 and $800.

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