Prior Art Search

One of the first steps in the patent process is a search of previous technology in order to check if the idea, or something similar to it, has already been patented.



Conducting a Prior Art Search

A proper prior art search usually requires extensive technical background and expertise in patent law. However, even with these qualifications, it can be time consuming to sift through the over seven million U.S. patents, current applications and abandoned ones. The team at American Patent Agency excels at navigating existing prior art in a time-efficient fashion, which is crucial to how quickly the patent is issued.

The Significance of Prior Art

It is important to complete a thorough search before investing in the cost of patenting. If a proper Prior Art Search is not completed, you may be trying to patent aspects of your technology that already exist. A prior art search is also conducted by a patent examiner during the prosecution of your patent application.

How a Search is Conducted

Conducting a proper search includes searching databases of patents, patent applications and other documents such as utility models and scientific literature. If you are curious about other ideas like the one you’re trying to patent, you can use Google’s Prior Art Finder to do a preliminary search.

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